After struggling with depression since my early-teens and dealing with 20 years of chronic hip pain, I was referred to Illania Hofler by another holistic practitioner, Cari Cater. I just desperately wanted to stay off anti-depressants and release the pain associated with emotional trauma. Over the years I’ve worked diligently to “get better” with traditional therapy, hypnotherapy, Rohun therapy, Reiki, and daily meditation, affirmations, and journaling. Although these practices helped me to clearly see my self-sabotaging patterns, I still could not stop them.

After years of experiencing failed creative and business projects, a rocky marriage, and hiding myself away, I was skeptical I could ever experience a true transformation… then I spent a Sunday afternoon with Illania and the Voice Printing Immersion process. I am still amazed that this 180 degree transformation was so easy… and fun! With Illania’s help, I was able to release tragic generational patterns that were passed down to me. Discovering and then understanding that this “stuff” was simply parked on my DNA, made total sense. After the process, I no longer needed to ask WHY my life wasn’t what I wanted it to be… even after all the inner-work I’d done. The work I did with Illania put an end to the swirling, obsessive chatter in my head, the shroud of deep depression, AND the debilitating physical pain I’ve experienced for the past 20 years.

I feel deep gratitude for finally being able to make the best choices for my own wellness. When I say I AM FREE, it is not just a positive affirmation anymore, it is my truth. Thank you Illania!!!

Susie Shina

I just can’t believe how uninterested in food I am! I used to be able to eat an entire bag of potato chips or corn chips in the course of an evening of work. I opened a bag yesterday and I think I have had a couple hands full and that is it. Not even remotely appealing. Made rice pudding with left over rice day before yesterday. Previously it would have been gone by now. Still 3/4 of it left. Also amazing is that I am NOT hungry. My food choices are better, too. Would now rather have that salad than the hamburger. Don’t get me wrong – I still like to eat! But it is no longer an overwhelming urge I cannot really control. Wow, what a relief THAT one is. I had been living with that for decades!

Marie Harsh

I have been on a life long journey to transcend the damage done by a very abusive childhood. I have done everything from 6 years of formal therapy, numerous Gestalts, rebirthings, countless years meditation, Course in Miracles, years of daily yoga to tantra workshops. Nothing has come close to the deeply profound shift I have felt with the protocol used by Illania. After just my first session, I felt like I let go of a heavy lead necklace of psychic weight. Much of the chatter in my head went away and I was able to truly absorb the moment. I even very easily let go of an addiction that had a strangle-hold on my life for over 8 years.

This process changes you to your core, your very DNA. It doesn’t require years of practice or hours of learning new dogma or techniques. All it requires is a willingness on your part to release unwanted programming. And working with Illania is just icing on the cake. She has been transformed through her own process and she speaks from a place of authentic transformation. Her easy going, nurturing, non-judgmental style makes the journey you take an enjoyable, memorable event.

I believe in the process so much that I have dedicated my time and resources to capture Illania in action on video. I will be airing it soon on my website.

Jude R. Johnson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Education, Mercer University
CEO and Founder, Enlightenment Network, Inc.

Hi Illania,

OMG! My focus has been so intensely clear after my session! And I am effortlessly following “the guidance” and my time has been taken up with fulfilling activities! It’s so powerful and amazing to follow my heart and do “what I want” not “what I thought I had to do” … and I’m so lucky that I don’t have many demands right now so I can explore this freedom fully. The awesome thing is that the “guidance” is always right! It’s so cool! and exciting!
I will catch myself going back to ” I have to do this” or “I should be doing this” but I quickly “realize” it and fix it right then and there. So powerful. The problem solving way of thinking is becoming my normal way of thinking.
Also the voice in my head has been so much clearer. The defense mechanism is still there but I watch myself and DECIDE to make a good choice instead of old triggered reactions to situations. I love that freedom of that empowered feeling that I am fully on board with what I just decided.
umm… what else??
OH! I started to write my book which I always wanted to :)
And I’m choosing what is good for me and loving me. too :D I no longer judge myself and feel bad

Over all, I feel like I just got wings and am learning to fly.
Thank you again for all your help


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