What to Expect

When you arrive, we go over your intake form and begin your therapy with an energy balancing software. This biofeedback device makes it possible to query the body for its most acute and chronic conditions both mental and physical. The buildup of negative beliefs and emotions over time eventually shows up as physical illness, but may be lodged in the emotional body. We can now correct these stressors with focused energetic balancing. This therapy is working on you the entire time you are doing the Voice Printing.

The main premise of biofeedback therapy is that the body is electrical in nature, that it is innately intelligent, and it has the ability to heal itself if the right conditions or stimuli are provided. This is accomplished with balancing frequency waves. This software gives valuable information that is utilized in the voice printing process.

Next comes the actual printing of your voice, where the frequencies in your voice are recorded and form the map of your ancestral programming. You are asked to speak into a microphone for 30 seconds to make a “conscious” print. You then sit in a specialized sound and light chair for 20 minutes, which takes you into your subconscious mind’s awareness.

After 20 minutes, you come out of the chair and speak into the microphone again for 30 seconds and make your “subconscious” voice print. You then say your mother’s name and all the negative memories and positive memories you have around your mother. We repeat this process for your father and both sets of grandparents. This information is calculated by the software and shows you the degree of programming passed down to you by each ancestor. During this process, we help you identify the negative programs that you will be releasing. This becomes your guide throughout the Genetic Voice Printing Process.

For example, your Mom may have extreme unworthiness, be self-critical, exhibit suppressed anger, feel unacknowledged, have depression and some kind of constant worry.  When you look at your own life, you can now see where your own judgement and anger came from (that you have towards yourself) for not getting what you want in life. Your belief that other people are better than you keeps you angry and feeling unworthy and worried about how to get it to change.

You probably also held judgement towards your Mom when you were growing up for not understanding why she couldn’t believe in herself, how she worried all the time and didn’t make good choices when it came to doing beneficial things for herself… and now you are experiencing those same feelings!

And NOW perhaps your own children are thinking or saying the same things ABOUT YOU.

Luckily the Genetic Voice Printing technology will facilitate you to remove those programs and beliefs.