Immersion Session

This uniquely customized one-on-one IMMERSION experience is designed to create a noticeable transformation and profound positive change in your life immediately. This new clarity is apparent as soon as you finish the session.  We allow up to 10 hours for this process in order to be thorough and accurate.

Before the Immersion Session, we have a phone conversation to discuss your situation and interview one another to determine if this is a compatible process for you.

If we decide to proceed, you will fill out an intake form about your negative beliefs and obstacles, and will describe memories and observations about your parents and grandparents. This system works even if you were adopted and never knew your biological parents.

In addition, you are emailed some guidelines that will prepare you for the process and optimize your session.

Next comes the actual printing of your voice, where the frequencies in your voice are recorded and form the map of your ancestral programming. You are asked to speak into a microphone for 30 seconds to make a “conscious” print. You then sit in a specialized sound and light chair for 20 minutes, which takes you into your subconscious mind’s awareness.

After 20 minutes, you come out of the chair and speak into the microphone again for 30 seconds and make your “subconscious” voice print. You then say your mother’s name and all the negative memories and positive memories you have around your mother. We repeat this process for your father and both sets of grandparents. This information is calculated by the software and shows you the degree of programming passed down to you by each ancestor. During this process, we help you identify the negative programs that you will be releasing. This becomes your guide throughout the Genetic Voice Printing Process.

Your experienced facilitator provides a comfortable and safe environment for you.

The session always proceeds at your energy pace and we take numerous breaks – food, bathroom etc. – so you remain comfortable throughout the process.

The release of negative programs is a 3-part process:

  • Feeling the emotions connected to the negative patterns like fear, judgement, mistrust, betrayal, anger and guilt.
  • Officially uninstalling and deleting the programs
  • Upgrading to the new chosen belief system and putting that in place.

This procedure is fully explained during the process and your facilitator monitors you throughout the therapy.

During the process many voiceprints are made to determine when the programs actually “let go”. Not only do you feel better and different, you also have the confirmation of YOUR voice print that registers the RELEASE has happened.

People generally remark that they can’t believe 8-10 hours went by so quickly.

After the session is complete, we go over what you can expect and discuss your daily phone follow-up counseling which is included in your session. A week of supportive AFTERCARE insures you are easily integrating the new, authentic you.

Clients report an easier ability to make good choices in present time and things that would normally disturb them are quickly resolved. The negative feelings around triggers are less intense or completely gone all together.

The Immersion Session Daily Rate – cash or check.

Atlanta, GA $499

For credit cards, add $25.

We have a 24hr cancellation policy.

There will be a 50% charge for a missed appointment.