Creativity Session

Do you need to grow your bottom line and create new solutions in this challenging economy?

Are you a blocked writer, poet, artist, or musician who just can’t get past your own “glass ceiling”?

Do you want to jump-start your creative juices and increase your creative output?

Genetic Voice Printing therapy is excellent for people who must access their creativity every day in their careers or lives. After GVP, clients report that their creativity goes “through the roof”, ideas flow freely, and solutions to even difficult problems become obvious to them.

This happens because GVP helps release creative blocks from the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind has all the answers you need, but the creative pathways may be blocked by traumas, limiting beliefs, fears, etc.

Using GVP therapy, you can unlock creative pathways and experience a higher level of creative thought. What then emerges is an enhanced capacity to see solutions to problems, creating greater confidence in your abilities and an increase in creativity flowing into your everyday life.

You will find it easy to access your subconscious for the creative solutions you need in any area of your life: work, relationships, or art. Bring a pad and pen and simply write down the “solutions” as they easily flow into your mind.

Inspire Your Self!

This session helps develop intuition.

90-minute Creativity Session – cash or check.

Atlanta, GA  $99

For credit cards add $5.