Booster Shot

Although the Immersion Session clears out the most troubling programs that hold you back, sometimes, depending on how long you’ve been programmed or how deeply, you may require follow up sessions. This is where the Booster Shot comes in.

Just like peeling an onion, there may be programs underneath the major ones which will come to the surface now that the majority of the work is done. Usually, these programs are easy to deal with and take much less time than the Immersion Session.

Usually these sessions last between 2 – 4 hours and since you already know the protocol, old programs and negative beliefs are easily deleted.

For instance, you may have cleared out “I can’t get what I want” and now have a feeling of empowerment and can watch yourself making better choices based on what you deserve. However, after some time has passed you notice another small program called “People don’t listen when I talk”. This is a program that supported the dominant program called “I can’t get what I want” but you didn’t notice it was there until the dominant program was cleared. Clearing this program will give a greater sense of freedom and power over your life.

Not everyone will need Booster Shot sessions, but for those who do, it provides a complete clearing of ancient limiting beliefs and negative programming.

Booster Shot – cash or check

Atlanta, GA $199

For credit cards add $10.