BEFORE a session

Your session will reveal deep truths about you, your family and the genetic programs that have been playing in your family for generations.This will be an eye opening experience and you will learn profound truths about yourself and others that will change your life.


COMPLETE your Intake Form

BEFORE your first Session

It’s important to contact your facilitator for your interview and to confirm your appointment. Remember to email your intake form back to your facilitator 24 hours before your appointment.

What to do BEFORE:

1. Get a good night’s sleep before your session. A rested mind and body will help your process.

2. Please be on time and wear your most comfortable clothing.

3. Please do not wear unnecessary jewelry or makeup. No cologne.

4. Be prepared to stay as long as necessary to complete your session. Most sessions last 10 hours or more, so do not plan ANYTHING AFTERWARDS except going home, taking a bath and going to bed. We do not rush your session because we’re interested in your transformation and the release of as many limiting programs as possible.

5. You will want to bring a snack, sandwich, or other favorite comfort foods to eat during breaks, lunch and dinner. You don’t want to be thinking about your rumbling stomach!

6. We provide plenty of purified water.

7. Do not be dismayed if one or more of your current programs “flare up” a day or two before your session. This is normal. It doesn’t happen with everyone but it does happen with enough frequency that we want to let you know about it. This is a sign that your programs are coming to the forefront, to be released. It’s actually a good thing!

Please watch these videos before you come to your session.

The first short clip is about your brain’s neuroplasiticty and how the chemical reactions created in your brain literally creates your reality:

This next amazing video is on the origination of stress and how it affects the body and brain.

COMPLETE your Intake Form BEFORE your first Session

Please contact one of our facilitators for an interview. She will send you the intake form for you to fill out before your appointment.
PLEASE elaborate as much as possible when describing information about your parents and grandparents.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy and will charge 50% for a missed appointment.