AFTER a session



You have just completed the most thorough, cutting edge technique available today to free yourself of past traumas, limiting belief systems and negative programming.
Now that you’ve done the work and erased these negative programs from your subconscious and your DNA, please observe these after-care guidelines. Following these instructions will greatly enhance your results. You will be in a TRANSFORMED space after the session. The more you take care of YOU right now, the more you will integrate your new freedom into your life!


1. It is advisable not to plan anything after your session. PLEASE HONOR YOURSELF AND YOUR SOUL. Some people have lots of energy and others just want to take a bath and rest. You will want to be able to make decisions based on your energy at that time.

2. If you work, it is optimal to take the day after your session off to rest, integrate your new programs, and nurture yourself. However, if this is not possible, don’t worry. It’s not necessary for your transformation. Just be especially kind to yourself.

3. Please drink plenty of purified water, eat pure food, and support yourself in as many ways as possible. Be aware of your needs during this time.

4. If one of the issues that we worked on comes up in the few days after your session, don’t be alarmed. Don’t think the session hasn’t worked. The universe is showing you that you NOW have the opportunity to choose something different for your life. Instead of your old reactions from the past, you will now notice how empowered you are to easily make solution oriented choices that are in your own best interest. You are now empowered to choose YOU. THIS IS A GIFT TO YOU FROM THE UNIVERSE.

5. Three days of aftercare support is already included for you after your session. Please call your facilitator every day to check in, ask questions, or provide feedback. Any and all feedback on your session and your results is appreciated and helps us to provide you with the ongoing support you need for complete TRANSFORMATION!

6. Remember, the more time you spend with yourself, the deeper the integration of your new programs into your subconscious. Take the time you need to let your results take hold and become oriented to your new way of thinking.

Be aware that AS YOUR NEW GIFT – the universe will probably hand you a circumstance that used to “trigger” you, by reacting with an old pattern from your past, much like a ghost in the machine. Don’t worry… this is a GOOD THING!

You now have the opportunity to notice how empowered you are to make a DIFFERENT and BETTER decision!


This power might be surprising to you at first, and you might even be waiting for yourself to react in the old way.  Because of the shifts you have made, you suddenly remember “NO, I already released that – and now I easily choose the best solution oriented choice for me”. You will notice how much easier it is to pick yourself NOW.

Now it is possible to grow a NEW BRAIN MUSCLE – that ability to make better choices in present time. You now want to practice showing yourself how much you love yourself by deciding in this moment, and the next, and the next to keep making wonderful, uplifting, good choices for yourself. This is a new way of BEING for you. Just decide to trust it and keep practicing it, and it will become easier and easier for you. After you watch yourself string a lot of good thoughts and decisions together day after day, you will now see how much better your life looks to you and trust the process of living in the moment.

Replacing the old negative patterns with new positive ones is what takes your life to the next level. The beautiful thing is, NOW YOU HAVE THE POWER TO DO IT! You are now empowered to easily make solution-oriented choices that support you and your own best interest.

Finally, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your transformation process. We count it a privilege to know you and look forward to all of the exciting things that await you!

In Joy, Peace, and Harmony.