Zone 7: Solar Plexus – Anger vs. Acceptance of Change

Solar Plexus Region: Feeling / Response

Subconscious anger-related stress may be observed as a propensity toward anger from even the smallest inconveniences or violations of the individual’s expectations. Road rage is a common example. The individual may or may not recognize the anger as irrational, and may or may not strike out verbally or otherwise.

Anger is a defense mechanism triggered by the perception of various threats. The perception of threats may grow if the individual is not willing to confront and deal with them before the associated stress grows out of control. Thus the threat may come from within.

Anger frequently masks grief issues resulting from feelings of loss or betrayal which the individual doesn’t yet know how to release in a healthy manner. Disappointment and distress may manifest as anger and self-sabotage. Chronic worry, indecision, and dread are also associated with feeling threatened and may precipitate anger.

Anger is frequently associated with muscle tension, twitches, and back problems. The anxiety associated with anger may induce heart problems with heightened blood pressure, digestive disorders, kidney problems, and adrenal dysfunction.

Not all anger is irrational or unhealthy.

When appropriate, it provides the energy and drive to protect oneself. Anger sends the message that “something must change.” A willingness to initiate or accept changes can correct problems and prevent subconscious anger from building in the first place. With a calm security gained through the release of subconscious anger-related stress, completion of the grieving process, and willingness to face challenges, the individual becomes better able to experience harmony and appreciate beauty appropriately.