How long does the first session take?

We set aside at least 6 -10 hours for the Immersion Session.

These “genetic programs” have been in your DNA for generations and with YOU for your whole life.
We will walk you through how the programs have affected you and help you identify what we call the “lynch pin”, which is the dominant program. There is no way to know how deep and locked in the programs are until we do the voice prints.

We want to allow plenty of time to release as many programs as possible. We honor your decision to do this work and never want to “rush”your transformation or charge you by the hour. So even if the session goes longer we only charge the agreed upon session price.There are no surprises or hidden charges.


Does this technique erase any memories?

No it DOES NOT. Your memories are still intact. Clients report they can still remember events from the past like they always did, but that they no longer have a “reaction” to them.


Is this like hypnosis?

No it is not. No one is telling you what to do.Genetic Voice Printing makes it easy to KNOW what to do once you are “wide awake” in YOUR subconscious mind.

We facilitate you to have that experience.


How will I feel afterwards?

Generally people feel relieved and somewhat tired. That is why we suggest havingno scheduled plans after your session. We help you make your appointment with that in mind.
Clients also report a new found sense of freedom and lightness. We never stop the session until you are in a GREAT and positive space.


Is this like another seminar?

No, this is a personal and customized one-on-one immersion session that walks you through YOU releasing old programs in YOUR subconscious mind, right then and there.

This is not like any other work you have ever done. There is no comparison to ther workshops or self-help information that you may have done in the past.Some parts may seem similar but because you have never done them while you were”wide awake”in your subconscious mind you would not have experienced these results.

This is not about “working” on your circumstances anymore—it is about releasing the beliefs that keep your circumstances happening.


How come I haven’t heard more about this therapy?

Voice print frequencies were discovered over 15 years ago and have evolved to the cutting edge therapy it has become today.There are about 50 people in the world who have this equipment.The therapy time and effort to become trained require a special dedication

and an ability to facilitate clients. This is a one-on-one personal transition process.


Does this system work for everybody?

No it does not.People who are narcissistic and/or borderline personality and people who have been on anti-depressants for more than 20 years may not respond to this therapy.


Can I get a refund?

We do not give refunds, because we have fully facilitated and supported you in every possible way to get results.We also screen you to see if you are right for this therapy before you make an appointment.


What can I expect from doing a session?

Clients report that they are able to make better and different choices right away. They notice more confidence and belief in themselves and easily set boundaries without fear. They are usually surprised at how easy the changes happen. They are not “working” on it anymore —they are now LIVING it. There is a different level of trusting that they are fine no matter what circumstances they are dealing with. When we check back 6 months to a year later—they report that their experience has grown exponentially–it didn’t fade. They have to stop and think about how uncomfortable their life was before, because it is so markedly different now.


Do I need more than one session?

Generally yes, most people who finally find their way here have searched for a long time to release their “programs” AND we also have people who get great success from one session – we trust YOU will know what is best for you.

However, the successive sessions – we call them “Booster Shots” – take far less time.You already know how a successful release takes place and trust the process and all of the voice print info is already in our computer.

We discuss what you now “see” that needs to be released and we proceed into the session.
The first session, the IMMERSION session, is deep and transformative. It’s like removing all the furniture as you remodel a room.I think of the second session as finally seeing the termites in the baseboards. There was no way you could have gotten to see those termites without removing the furniture.
We also honor that YOU know when you need another session – we are not here to sell you sessions the rest of your life. We are interested in big and profound changes and transformations that let you go out and really live and enjoy your life.


Who is the perfect candidate for this work?

People who have been seeking an easier way to enjoy “present time”. They have usually watched themselves desire to make better choices and have not been able to do it consistently to get the results they want in their life. They have attended seminars, read self help books, purchased DVD’s and done affirmations. These methods have made sense but more often than not did not produce the results they had hoped for.

AND people who want a better and easier life who are tired of repeating old patterns and have not figured out how to make that stop.
People who want to consistently make solution oriented choices in “present time” for their own well being.


How do I know this is right for me?

We have a phone interview and discuss the process in detail so you can decide whether or not to do the session.You can also come to one of my presentations and do a free voice print and learn more about the process.

There is never any pressure. We do not try to talk anyone into doing a session.

Usually within 24 hours clients report being able to make different and better decisions.
We also do a follow up consultation to see how you are processing which is included in the price of the session.