Zone 9: Liver – Repressed Anger vs. Self-Expression

Solar Plexus Region: Feeling / Response

Fear of confrontation and unwillingness to express emotions may lead to rejection, ridicule, or other conflict that robs the individual of self protection. This vulnerability may lead to anger designed to empower self defense, though the anger may also be suppressed. These suppressions lead to frustration, general apprehension, anxiety, discouragement, manic depression, stubbornness, lack of self-approval, vulnerability, a sense of futility, a tendency to “fix” others and external situations in an effort to find satisfaction, and thoughts of suicide.

Betrayal, abuse or mistreatment in circumstances where self-defense wasn’t possible or permissible (such as the faults and shortcomings of a parent) may worsen the condition and make forgiveness and letting go difficult. Stress associated with frustration and apprehension may create problems with the liver, gallbladder, ascending colon, gas, Eustachian tubes, fallopian tubes, urethra, skin, cancer, stroke, neck and shoulder tension, and migraine headaches.

Expression of suppressed emotion, at least in a safe environment, may help release Zone 9 stress. With the release, the individual often discovers a more generous perspective of others who have wronged the individual as their weakness and errors are more easily seen in context of the many limited and/or negative influences that shaped their behaviors.

Forgiveness then follows more naturally and further aids the release of stress and its effects. In the healthy individual, the survival instinct, capacity to thrive, and ability to ignore discomfort and suffering enable the person to face and overcome

challenges more peacefully. They are better able to employ their whole emotional self in dealing with life and thereby gain access to many personal resources. Challenges appear diminished and the individual may live a more fulfilling, satisfying life.