Zone 8: Pancreas – Overwhelming Fear vs. Accountability

Solar Plexus Region: Feeling / Response

When life’s demands feel overwhelming, one’s capacity for joy and pleasure may be inhibited. This may lead to overworking and taking life too seriously and logically in an effort to “get ahead” and break free from these stressful external situations. The individual may be impatient, have diminished sense of humor, and feel anger from others or from within. Fear frequently accompanies feelings of being overwhelmed.

Being fearful and overwhelmed may result from feeling constantly observed and judged (most common in the first and second children) and pressured to grow up and be responsible before developing the necessary skills and maturity in life. Enduring a harsh upbringing such as frequent punishment may elicit feelings of guilt and further inhibit the capacity to feel joy and pleasure.

Fear and overwhelming feelings may affect the stomach and lower digestive tract, blood sugar issues (diabetes, hypoglycemia, sugar cravings), tense muscles, poor sense of balance, aversion to touch or lack of physical sensation.

When healthy, confidence and patience allow the individual to assume accountability for one’s life and experience joy, laughter and pleasure, even when dealing with life’s challenges. Muscle tension releases and balance and humor return. Focused decision making replaces seriousness.