Zone 5: Heart – Self Critical vs. Self Love

Thorax Region: Emotion / Energetic

Self Criticism involves hardness of the heart and its accompanying decreased awareness of emotions. The individual turns these criteria inwardly and outwardly and experiences an inability to trust, feel loved, and to extend love and compassion to others.

An individual may experience stress in this area when they have not grieved the disappointments and losses of relationships and life experiences. These may be conscious or subconscious, emotional or experiential. As this stress increases, the subconscious attempts to suppress it. In the process, it blocks the capacity for compassion and acceptance, especially towards oneself.

This results in self criticism in an attempt to gain (self) acceptance by focusing on the perceived “bad” or unacceptable aspect of the self with the aim of eliminating or fixing them.

Self criticism may adversely affect the circulatory system including the heart, lungs, and arteries that may lead to chronic congestion and chest pain. Healthy grieving may occur naturally as the person gets in touch with his/her emotions and increased compassion result. If the individual has blamed past negative experiences on others, forgiveness becomes an important part of letting go.