Zone 3: Left Brain – Depression vs. Inner Peace

Head Region: Thinking /Thoughts

A depressed individual’s thoughts tend to focus on past events with the intention of “sorting out” or “making sense” of them in order to “solve” problems or negative experiences or emotions. Such analysis may be conscious or subconscious, and may be manifested by dreaming symbolically about facing and/or overcoming challenges. Energy levels drop as energy is routed toward ineffective problem solving efforts and the pituitary gland may be affected. Physical and sexual appetite may be suppressed though the individual may turn to indulgence as one of a diminished number of remaining pleasures.
Depression may include a propensity to entertain and accept irrational thoughts and hamper access to left brain skills such as analysis, math, logic, memorization, and verbal abilities. Depression is often triggered by genetic propensities or traumatic life experiences such as abuse, disappointments, and failure. This creates doubts, fear, and intimidation in areas of self-value and thinking and learning abilities.
It may also arise when individuals are pressured to perform such skills before they have adequately developed or grown confident with them. Depression is heavily influenced by lifestyle choices such as diet, exercise, and social life, though these may be as much the effect as the cause of the problem.
Inner Peace is the condition of self-acceptance and inner-harmony that exists when one lives in the present unencumbered by chronic worry or thoughts and pressures from the past.