Zone 2: Right Brain – Repetitive vs. Creative Thinking

Head Region: Thinking /Thoughts

Repetitive thoughts may occur if limitations are created to right brain access. The left “logical” brain can run in endless repeating circuits without the right “emotional” brain to filter out valueless thoughts. Your reception of new thoughts and creative solutions may be inhibited and artistic abilities and concrete thinking hampered. People notice that their brain is constantly running and chasing thoughts and they feel like they have no control over it.
Subconscious repetitive stresses often originates from genetic patterns or life experiences that create doubt, fear, intimidation or overwhelming feelings regarding the individual’s creative or physical efforts such as art, music, dance, sports or verbal and other expression.
Repetitive thinking is often a precursor to depression due to mental fatigue and depletion of melatonin. It may negatively affect the brain, hypothalamus and/or limbic system, and interfere with physical coordination. Releasing trans-generational and life-experience patterns restores creative abilities, a broader perspective, and more effective problem solving.