Zone 12: Crown – Conflicting Beliefs vs. Congruent Belief

Pelvic Region: Belief /Identity

Conflicting beliefs and values refers to the disparity between an individual’s conscious belief/value and his or her actions. Conflicting beliefs may block an individual’s connection to inspiration and faith as well as limiting his or her sense of being present and grounded. The person may come across as spacey, contrary, or demanding. Blockages in any other zone may impede functionality in zone 12.

Conflicting beliefs may be associated with mental disorders such as: schizophrenia, psychosis, multiple personalities, nightmares, sleepwalking, an inability to maintain focus, personality issues (distant and detached), and physical manifestations (poor coordination and absence of physical sensation).

Blockages in this zone are often triggered by traumatic experiences such as accidents, difficulty in birth, tragedies, and drug or ritualistic abuse, and may stem from transgenerational patterns. These causes may create influential

subconscious beliefs related to the trauma (such as “life is hard,” “people are dangerous,” “I always fail,”) that conflicts and interferes with conscious “logical” beliefs.

Congruent belief and action occurs when subconscious stress releases and allows for being effortlessly and wholly focused on the present as well as establishing a connection to the infinite. Peace of mind increases.