Zone 11: Root – Rigid beliefs vs. Possibilities

Pelvic Region: Belief/Identity

Rigid beliefs act as an attempt to make the world seem more solid and secure by solidifying opinions about which behaviors are acceptable and how things “should” be. Individuals who experience Zone 11 stress may be inflexible, uncooperative listeners who find disagreements uncomfortable or intolerable because they touch on subtle underlying insecurities. Those who exhibit extreme Zone 11 stress are likely to be:

  1. Perfectionists who require meticulous order for peace of mind
  2. High-strung overachievers whose enthusiasm can alienate others
  3. Highly dedicated to principles especially regarding justice and truth

They may feel unloved and unsupported in relationships, and disconnected from the earth. The individual may believe he or she must rely excessively only on him or herself, have trouble connecting and putting down roots, experience limited sexual enjoyment accompanied by feelings of guilt or fear, and lack grace in the legs.

These individuals may unconsciously lack a sense of stability or security, possibly regarding their own beliefs, thereby making the beliefs “dangerous” to consider for fear of discovering weaknesses or problems that they don’t wish to face and resolve. On the conscious level, however, they simply exhibit great confidence that they are right.

This lack of stability may stem from the lack of an emotional connection to a positive father figure and /or neglect, verbal, physical, or sexual abuse particularly from the father or other early authority figures. Relationship patterns are often trans-generational. Rigid beliefs may adversely impact the pelvis and legs, bladder, kidneys, reproductive organs, digestion, and sleeping.

Releasing Zone 11 stress helps the individual to experience greater security as doubts and fears become non issues. Differences are more easily tolerated. The individual may learn that they need not cling so tightly to their beliefs, that truths do not require anyone to maintain them, and that additional truths can be gathered when not clinging so tightly to others. The individual feels more at home in the world.