Zone 10: Navel – Unworthy/Undeserving vs. Self-Accepting

Pelvic Region: Belief /Identity

The belief that an individual is undeserving of love may lead to the perception or reality that one’s love is rejected. The absence of self-love may also result in self-defeating behaviors which obstruct the ability to acquire physical comforts and achieve goals whose attainment would conflict with this subconscious belief of unworthiness.

These beliefs may lead to hyper-achievement as the individual attempts to justify self-value through accomplishment. The individual may experience feelings of guilt and blame, have difficulty bonding with others emotionally, and mistake physical intimacy with love and connection. The individual may consciously have high self esteem and remain unaware of this subtle undercurrent.

Such beliefs may stem from neglect, abuse or separation from mother or other caretakers at birth or during early childhood, insufficient attention and nurturing, and transgenerational patterns of dealing with such issues. The impact of this stress may cause weak digestion, addictions, and problems with weight, small intestine, thyroid, and reproductive organs (particularly in females).

An individual’s healthy connection to his or her mother and a deep sense of worth allows the individual to receive nurturing and accept themselves in a balanced, healthy way.