Zone 1: Center Brain – Unacknowledged vs. Self Validation

Head Region: Thinking /Thoughts

The perception of being unacknowledged or undervalued manifests in stuck patterns of denial, avoidance, and mistrust; There may be an avoidance of or an inability to recognize and accept unpleasant realities, especially for those that struggle with the perceptions of being undervalued. There may be an inability to trust and accept ones own evaluation. Insights and other intuitive abilities may be constrained.
The unacknowledged individual may experience defensive thoughts due to a heightened and projected awareness of others perceptions and judgements (the individual’s thought is imagined as someone elses). UN-acknowledgement often appears as low self esteem with a lack of self-awareness, leaving the individual unable to recognize and value worthy talents and attributes in their self and others.
Such perceptions commonly originate as a young child learns to cooperate with the reward/punishment model, or in order to shield the individual from the perceived risk of standing up for one’s own beliefs, desires and opinions. Other causes include abusive circumstances or harsh self judgement which makes self recognition intolerable and unable to accept. Possible physical manifestations are in the area of the eyes such as weak vision and hypersensitivity to light.
As this pattern releases, the individual becomes more able to perceive his/her value as an individual rather than believing (consciously or subconsciously) that one’s worth is dependent on the feedback of others. Trust of one’s own perceptions and intuition is the basis for trusting others.
Self validation leads to increased confidence and appreciation for the enjoyment of one’s talents, personality and individuality. The individual experiences these traits effortlessly and learns to take reasonable care of his or herself without feeling selfish.