Illania Hofler – Atlanta, Georgia

Illania Hofler has been in the stress management business for 27 years. Her clientele has included CEO’S, sports figures from the Hawks and Falcons, celebrities and entrepreneurs. She owns a private SPA that specializes in customized one-on-one immersion healing techniques that allow clients to experience real emotional and spiritual healing while learning to trust themselves without judgment.

Some of us are born explorers. For over 40 years Illania has searched for effective answers that would allow people to easily make solution oriented choices in “present time”. Fascinated with human behaviors and how badly we treat ourselves, she studied and researched many techniques and technologies which claimed to modify and release negative behavior. These included the Betar sound therapy, Reunion Cosmology, Innerspeak, psychological talk therapy, hypnotherapy, Nicole LaVoie’s sound therapy, Possibilities DNA by Margaret Ruby, plus many schools of meditations and types of kinesiology.

In order to thoroughly understand each technique, Illania personally experienced all of these therapies, became certified in each one, and used them with her clients. She then tracked her clients’ results every month to verify their progress. Even though clients reported feeling better during the treatments, and briefly afterwards, Illania found that most of the techniques she tried did not seem to produce long lasting results.

When the Vo-Cal 360 voice printing software finally came along, it proved to be the path Illania was looking for. This was the first technology she had experienced that had immediate and profound effects in her own life and in the lives of her clients.  These results were trackable and long lasting. Even more exciting, some clients reported that their results actually got better with time.

In addition to being an expert facilitator of Genetic Voice Printing, Illania is presently one of five people worldwide certified to train practitioners in the operation and analysis of Vo-Cal 360 voice printing software. She has also worked with the inventor of the technology to bring helpful augmentations to the system.