What is Genetic Voice Printing?



It has been discovered that the negative beliefs, traumas and fears that your ancestors experienced have been passed down to YOU in your DNA. These “programs” have been lodged in your subconscious mind and are actually broadcast by the frequencies in your voice.
Your subconscious mind is like a computer’s hard drive. And just like the hard drive controls the “life” of the computer, your subconscious mind controls your life. – good and bad. You can download tons of great software, but if the hard drive has a virus that’s affecting its performance, the new software will be defective or won’t run at all.

This is why you can download a program called “Success” into your conscious mind and still not have success. Why? Because the virus in your subconscious corrupted the software and disabled it.

It’s why you can spend hours doing visualizations, meditations and positive affirmations or use self-help books, seminars and DVDs to ‘call in’ your soul mate but never end up in a satisfying relationship. The reason is that there is an ancestral virus/belief system in your subconscious that says, “I’m not worthy” or “I can’t get what I want”. This program prevents your desire from happening because your negative subconscious program is more powerful than your conscious desire.
It’s also why you stay fat, depressed, or angry. In fact, every negative pattern in your life can be traced to genetic traumas, hardships and unresolved conflicts that were parked in your DNA from your ancestors.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the repeating patterns in your life? Ever ask yourself…

  • Why don’t I consistently make good choices for me?
  • Why am I attracting unhealthy relationships?
  • Why do I feel so stuck or self-sabotage myself?
  • What stops me from doing what I know I need to do?
  • Why do I keep acting like in my parents?
  • What stops me from having the life I really desire?
  • Why can’t I change bad habits or negative thoughts?

Do any of these questions sound familiar to you? You may have just found a solution to getting off the genetic treadmill. If your life situations tend to leave you with the feeling of “I have been down this road before”, you can now be grateful that all those experiences have led you here. Nothing happens by accident. We believe miracles abound for those who are on the quest for living their truth and thereby creating their own FREEDOM. We are here to help those who are wanting to be free from the constraints of their past. And… we mean literally.

Are you ready for rapid


to live the life you REALLY want?



• Release judgments on yourself and others

• Stop obsessive repetitive thinking – stop the mind talk

• Relieve depression, stress, anxiety and insecurity

• Release the fear of what other people think about you

• Stop self-sabotage and hating your life

• Relieve emotional trauma and anger

• Release destructive generational patterns

• Stop feeling betrayed and being a victim in your own life

• Allow you to make better decisions for your own well being

• Improve personal and business relationships

• Keep your word to yourself and others

• Live life easier, being your true authentic self

• Love yourself and experience an amazing feeling of FREEDOM

• Make better decisions for your own well being

• Trust your intuition and change your life!